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    the AI driven inclusive beauty destination


    Simi Lindgren, the founder behind YUTYBAZAR

    Had spent a lot of time discussing challenges when it came to finding suitable hair care, skincare and cosmetic products. This was further heightened when she became a mother. With 4 different hair types in the household (1A, 2A, 2C and 4C) and her own combination oily skin, overwhelmed with advice and underwhelmed with options, it was difficult to find the ‘holy grail’ of products that allowed her to celebrate her beauty, and the diverse needs of her family. This wasn’t unique to Simi alone, it seemed everyone she spoke to faced the same challenges of feeling underserved and undervalued throughout their beauty buying journey!

    After nearly 4 years of research, Simi turned YUTYBAZAR from an idea born out of necessity into reality.

    YUTYBAZAR was born, because she wanted to create an inclusive and trustworthy destination for underrepresented individuals to discover the beauty products that empower them based on their unique and beautiful self - without limitations.

    Redefining the ‘one size-fits-all’ beauty philosophy, the perception of beauty, and celebrate everyone irrespective of skin colour, sex, religion, ability or age! We believe that beauty is personal. Beauty is cultural. Beauty is universal.

    Thank you for coming on this journey with us, your support means everything
    Thank you for coming on this journey with us, your support means everything


    We’re here to change the way you discover and buy beauty. Our mission is to build a global inclusive beauty destination powered by AI, removing limitations.


    With over 7.5bn people on Earth, we believe that beauty is individual. Everyone has different skin tones, skin types, hair types, aesthetic goals and concerns. That’s why what works for one person, may not work for you.

    Think of the YUTYBAZAR algorithms as your digital beauty advisor - in order to personalise the products based on your individual goals, concerns and preferences, we ask you to complete a quiz, to filter out the products that don’t work for you and recommend those that do.

    Say goodbye to the trial and error and hello to your personalised beautique. The more you search, wishlist, review and build your profile within YUTYBAZAR, the more accurate your recommendations will become.


    Hello 👋🏾 I'm YUTY, your AI beauty advisor, what's your name?

    09:43 AM | August 05

    Hello 👋🏾 I'm here if you need me.

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